Sandvox vs. Fastmail test site

This is a test of Sandox to generate static pages for use on

Trivial to set up, add pages, edit.  There seems to be one huge javascript that doesn't get used much or at all on a text-based site.  Superficially everything works as a static site on

The current template is unmodified "Brown and Green".  All of the templates are much of a muchness, with color/image variations, and a few variations in how the section links are arranged.

None of the templates I've tried are able to reflow text with window width--the body and side bar are fixed width. I haven't yet tried to remove the sidebar (where the sandvox logo is.  This should be fixable by editing the CSS, probably by deleting most it so that browsers are allowed to do their thing unimpeded.

The pseudotext was generated by MacLorem 2.2.

Test of Sandvox on Fastmail